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My Adobe XD Journey: Challenge Set 1

I've been searching for ways to keep learning and expanding my Adobe skills while stuck at home, so I've set my sights on mastering Adobe XD. Thankfully, Adobe makes that easy with their free Daily Creative Challenges on Behance. I wanted to document my progress, so I decided to keep a little online journal to log what I've done so far!

Day 1: Scrollable List

My first exercise was to get the hang of the different styles of scrolling through a mock messaging interface.

Day 2: Sound Effects

Day 2 was an exercise in creating simple animations with accompanying sound effects for emoji reactions in a video conference interface.

(Image Sources: Adobe Stock, UI Faces Plugin for Adobe XD; Sound Effect: ZapSplat)

Day 3: Progress Indicator

Day 3 taught me how to create a progress indicator for a live streaming desktop app.

(Image Sources: UI Faces Plugin for Adobe XD, TheReportOfTheWeek on YouTube)

Day 4: Slider Control

Day 4 was the most fun yet! This was an exercise in mastering slider controls for a faux remote lighting widget for desktop. (Peep those color changes!)

(Image Source: AmazeInvent)

Day 5: Homepage Design

Just a PNG for this one! Day 5 focused on turning grouped components into stackable elements within a pretend productivity app. I learned how to convert the list items, hashtags, cards, and other pieces into rearrangeable moving parts!

Day 6: Map Interface

Day 6 was all about masking, two-way pan scrolling, and masking multiple parts using a map interface designed to help locate coworking spaces. This exercise was chock-full of many tiny pieces making up one greater whole.

(Image Sources: Snazzy Maps, CoWomen on Pexels)

Day 7: Scheduling Tool

Day 7's exercise was to create an online scheduling interface, using component states to make checkboxes to indicate date and time preferences.

(Image Source: UI Faces Plugin for Adobe XD)

Day 8: Time Tracker

Day 8 was all about flexing our transition skills in Prototype Mode! Using a time tracking desktop interface, I learned how to make a dropdown menu and how to use time-triggered transitions between artboards. I also learned how to export my designs for developers and user testing through the share tab. Click here to view and interact with my design!

(Image Source: UI Faces Plugin for Adobe XD)

Day 9: Shared Documents

Last day for this challenge set! Day 9 was more practice with the Repeat Grid and Scroll Group Tools by creating a cloud storage interface. In just these few days of practice, I feel like I've already come a long way from my first XD project!

(Image Source: UI Faces Plugin for Adobe XD)

Big thanks to Adobe and to the teacher of this set of tutorials, Andrea Eppy, for making it easy for me to learn a new skill at home. See you next time!

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